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The 4Corners business opportunity is not a pyramid scheme. They sell financial e-books and use a very unique sales formula. Also see sidebar menus for the simplified version.

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In the Four Corners Alliance Group Opportunity, you pay $18.00 to become a partner. This is your opportunity to get many financial literacy e-books and newsletters. This information helps you to be transformed for sound financial literacy understanding. You will not regret!

As you consume the financial literacy e-books to enrich yourself,.. you can invite other like minded people across the globe to do the same. In the process, yo are building a passive income stream.

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Invite like minded people to benefit from financial literacy and start a lucrative income stream. This is a true global business that allows you the opportunity to sponsor from anywhere in the world. Good opportunity to supplement your income or to have retirement peace of mind. Registration is easy,…only $18.00 and you get your first product. The rest of the products you automatically get from your profits.

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