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The following story will tell you exactly who I am and how I became an online Entrepreneur. Why my choice of Four Corners Alliance Group should not be taken lightly and why I rate them as one of the top Online Income Opportunities in the world.  

I have spend almost 3 years researching Online Income Opportunities, tested , tried just about anything I could possibly get my hands on. The internet is packed I say with bogus & misleading Online Income Opportunities but there are some really good ones out there.

I hope this Bio shed some light as to why you should get on board soon...

Who am I and why am I doing this ?

Well, a few years ago I lost my job as a System Analyst, and like always I thought I would just walk into another company as my services or skills were always in demand and not to say the least, I was always approached by other companies. It clearly was not the case this time. But why? After countless interviews month after month even years I thought my days in the field of computers were numbered.

3 Years ago I began to feel hopeless and realize that if one door closes another open, but bloody hell what door and where? It is only than when I unconsciously began to do research on the internet, reading up on information and BANG, I suddenly realize what was happening in our country...the so called new South Africa has taken it's toll. Everyone could apply appose to previous years. What does this means, O' yes it is good thing but believe me the system is basically flushed with applications and recruitment agencies are not really nice if you've been out of job for to long, not have a degree, you should not be blacklisted and the list goes on and on giving new vacancies to people that are currently employed. Okay I got, but guess what?

I never new that there were so many online income opportunities out there...during my research I developed a passion for a new venture, something where I could be my own boss perhaps and help those like me suffering from the high unemployment and the poor purchasing power due to the weak rand. For a newby in entrepreneurship was I clearly mistaken with what was ahead of me, something I did not have time for. I wanted to make money and quick too.

The internet is an endless source of information and packed with bogus and misleading income opportunities. I sure hell loved the zero investment income opportunities, what a joke. I tried just about anything I could get my hands on. being broke and patient became my worst enemy  yet my best friends..'o Yeh...you out of the spotlight.

But I have to say though, something gave birth in me, I was sure I would find that one opportunity one day that will make me a millionaire, well..being on the internet day in and day out let you believe you close.

Becoming an online millionaire was prominent and that is what let me to register the domain www.samillionares.co.za called SA Millionaires Club. I began to dream big and the sky was the limit. Click here to Read More