Four Corners Simplified

Our Marketing Strategy Includes :

Referral Website – Each Member gets a replicated copy of the SA Millionaires Blog – Website that reflects your personal details as shown in the “Your Sponsor” space on the sidebar. You will share(invite) your personal url with friends and family or associates and it will look like this

Personal Detail also include  “Your 4Corners Personal Website Link“, “Your 4Corners Retail Store Link” and “Your 4Corners Sign-up Link

To register for the Referral Website , you must first sign up with Four Corners from your sponsor link(the person who invited you), You than sign up for our Affiliate Program.

Social Media – How will you share(invite) your Referral Website or url with friends, Family or Associates ?

Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Email

Your Referral Website Link or url is automatically included together with a short description of 4Corners Business Opportunity in the Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook or Email message.

You can get all your Social Media tools on the Invite Page. You don’t need to be logged in to use it but make sure you on your own Referral website Link or url.

FREE Advertising for you – All our members advertise their Referral Website or URL via social media. This includes their sponsor credentials, BUT remember that all FREE Accounts are kept central and globally visible to everyone. Let me make a practical example. You join by means of a free account through your sponsor and you than purchase your 4 accounts. If you wish to list your accounts in our “FREE Accounts” listing. Your free accounts are easily grabbed because everyone advertise for you.  Want to learn more about FREE Accounts.

Community – Testimonies and Activities plays a major role in online marketing. Members can now share collectively in the Blog Community activities, and showcase it to those they wish to invite. Your invites might just be inspired by whats going on when they view all the activities. All members must therefor record their experience on a daily basis. See Community Page for more detail.