Get Paid with Pay2Card, Payment Proof

This page is not meant to brag,…but to show you that even if you request payouts for your commissions as little as $170.00 from your Four Corners Back office, the amount gets all the way to your bank in whatever country you are in

four corners proof of comissions

Well, this page is to work both as a proof of income (confirmed in a back account’s statement and SMS’s. It is also a general guide to those who think you could only withdraw money to your Direct Pay Express (DPX) Visa and Mastercard!
Perhaps while you wait for your DPX card to be shipped, you could request your funds this way

Alright,..lets get started. Besides requesting funds into your global Direct Pay Express Visa card or Mastercard, You can choose to use the Pay2Card Option and pay directly to the bank card which you use in your own country.

I recently tried this Pay2Card option and opted to direct about $170.00 out of my Four Corners Backoffice to my Standard Bank account.

I would like to share with you the process from withdrawal request all the way to reception of funds from my statement and SMS confirmation for funds in.

In the Four Corners Alliance Group Back Office, Under the “Finances” tab, select “Submit A Withdrawal request”

four corners alliance group pay2card1

From the many options that show, select the “New Pay To Card Option” or if you have requested through Pay2card before, you can select the

previous account you used i.e “DirectPay eXpress (Pay To Card: ************9988)

four corners alliance group pay2card2

In either case, you will be informed of your balance in your account and the withdrawal fee of $10.00.

When you have selected the New Pay To Card Option, you then need to specify your details including card number for the card you will receive funds into, see below:

four corners alliance group pay2card3

Specify the withdrawal amount and click “Submit

From here, you will be asked to review and confirm your withdrawal request, see below:

Pay2Card Option3

Once you Click on “Confirm Withdrawal“, it means your request is submitted for processing, you will see from your “Transaction History” tab under Finances in your Backoffice Dashboard.

Pay2Card Option4

From this point, depending on what time you have requested the funds and also if it was your first time to request through this option, it will take a few days while the request is being processed.

In my case, because it was my first time to use the Pay2Card option, it took about 10 days in total for the funds to be deposited into my card.

See below screenshots of the SMS for deposit notification and the extract from my banks statement.

four corners alliance group payout

And ultimately, the proof from my bank statement as below:

four corners alliance group pay2card5


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